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Thank you!   Your support is invaluable in our ongoing work to create healthy and enjoyable reading books for every child.
Why we need your help

We believe in helping parents, teachers and carers with good choices of books for their children.

Our books deal with a huge range of diverse issues that children must deal with in life, as well as helping parents and carers to instill values into the lives of their children that will equip them for successful daily living.
We are in the process to translating them into as many languages of the world as possible, so that every child can benefit from the books.
We are also in the process of making the books available in both English and other languages in order to help children learn English if they so desire.
Much of our work is done on a charitable basis as we feel that the lives of the children are more important than money. With this in mind we ask for you to give generously for the sake of the children. Any donations given will be most gratefully used to develop other books and resources that will help as many children as we can.
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Donations made in memory

Donations made in memory are a positive way to celebrate a life while helping the children’s books  to make a difference to the lives of future generations, in the same way a legacy does.

Support Us
We need people to help in the translation of our books into as many languages as possible. If our books do not include your language please contact us and help us by translating them into your language. If you find any errors in translation please let us know.

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