Safety in General

If you find a knife, gun or other weapon?

  • STOP!

  • Guns, knives and other weapons are very dangerous!

  • Never touch a weapon, no matter where you find it.

  • Leave it alone and contact a trusted adult right away.

  • If an adult is not present, call 9-1-1 or “O” for operator.

  • Tell the operator who you are and where you are.

Don’t hang up until you are told to do so; listen for instructions.

If lost:

  • Stay calm and think.

  • Give your parents or your group a chance to find you.

  • If no one arrives soon, look for a police officer or other trusted adult.

  • Know your address and phone number.

Phone 999 (it’s “free” for 999 calls).

If the phone rings:

  • Talk to your parents about how and when to answer the phone.

  • Say “hello” but never give your name / information about your family.

  • Never tell the caller you are home alone.

  • If you get a prank call, don’t say anything, just hang up.

At parks and play areas:

Be polite, share equipment and play safe!

  • Always let your parents know where you are playing.

  • Play in groups but not in the streets.

  • Don’t chase a ball or toy into the street.

  • If playing in a park, follow park rules.

  • Watch for sharp objects and broken equipment.

  • If a stranger approaches you, tell a trusted adult.

If someone swallows poison:

  • Remain calm and Try to keep the person still and calm.

  • Call 999, state the problem briefly.

  • Have the poison container handy to read to the operator.

  • Give your full name and the address where help is needed.

  • Remain on the phone for questions or instructions.

At the Bus stop:

  • Remain on the curb and alert to danger.

  • Don’t approach the bus until it has come to a complete stop.

  • Be careful when approaching the bus, Pushing and shoving can cause accidents.

  • NEVER walk behind the bus!

  • If you can’t see the bus driver, the driver can’t see you.

  • Always cross in front of the bus at the driver’s direction.

  • Enter and leave the bus in a single file.

  • Step away from the bus after getting off.

  • Always obey school bus rules.

If someone steals from you?

  • Stealing is a crime.

  • Report it to your teacher, a police officer or other trusted adult.

  • Give details of what happened to the person to whom you are reporting the theft.

  • Give names of other people who may have seen what happened.

  • Let a trusted adult help you solve this problem.

Are strangers dangerous?

You never know…

  • Don’t accept anything from a stranger.

  • Don’t agree to anything suggested by a stranger.

  • If a person makes you feel uncomfortable, walk away.

  • Don’t talk to strangers; they may not be telling the truth.

  • NEVER accept a ride or go with a stranger.

When you go swimming:

  • Never participate in water sports alone.

  • Always use the buddy system.

  • Make sure you have adult permission and supervision.

  • Be familiar with safety equipment and know where it is located.

  • Don’t participate in outdoor water sports in bad weather.

  • If someone is drowning--
  • get help right away.

  • call 999.

  • Don’t hang up until you are told do so; listen for instructions.

Be Safe and Enjoy Life!

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